Whether you are an established business or just starting out, a business can go from struggling along to potentially doing great by simply introducing a few small changes in the right areas.

The top marketing and business tips contained within this book have been put together to inspire you to start testing out some of them to improve your business.They are easy to read and implement, each tip being explained and examples given.

The majority of these tips can be used in both traditional and online businesses and some are specific to online businesses only. You can also consider how a traditional business’s sales might be increased by introducing online marketing, advertising and/or sales capabilities.

When you have built up a capital lump sum from your increased profits, see how you can then get those profits also working for your business, rather than having your profits just sitting in a bank earning little or no interest.

 So read and enjoy this book and start taking action ‘today’ to increase your sales and profits and getting your profits to also work for your business.