Has anybody ever told you that every journey starts with the first step? Well, they were lying to you. A good journey doesn’t start with the first step. it should start with an intention. 

Look at your palm and close it so hard into a fist that the veins of the back of your hand would pop. Now, imagine a hundred fireflies coming out of those veins. Could you do it? Now close your eyes and imagine you’re staring at your very own brand new car, then open your eyes and look at that same car with you on the driver’s seat. Could you do it? Lastly, whisper your name seven times and think about it coming out from the mouth of a genie. Could you do it?

If you were able to do at least one of the three, then congratulations! You have just successfully completed a task. And those were not just simple activities! They were tasks that required an open mind and creativity. You allowed your mind to work because you feel like you could, and you did. You directed your brain into something it did not initially plan, and you commanded it to put your senses to work.

Imagine a life where you make your own rules, you set your own pace, you choose the place, and you earn a hundred dollar a day… or even more. But that will not happen without the carefree kid that you once were, and the responsible adult that you now are, teaming up to make the biggest change in your life thus far. Are you up for the challenge?

Sounds too dreamy? Well, this eBook can help you to start making it real, starting with earning $100 a day online.