From around 2014, the podcast “Serial” become popular and grabbed the attention of many listeners, and a surge of interest, enveloping a great group of followers. As of today, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Google Podcast are the three most popular podcasting sites where you can stream, listen, download, and subscribe to content.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own radio show? Would you like to record songs and audio that other people will actually hear? Well, many years ago, doing these things will require you to have a lot of connections, or maybe fortune, to get heard. Today, though, we should be thankful
because we already have the Internet that creates millions of connections all over the world. The Internet will help you reach out to people across the nations. Just like blogging, where anyone can become a reporter or a blogger, podcasting allows us to instantly become a recording artist, talk
show host, storyteller, or a disc jockey.

If you’re an aspiring recording artist, talk show host, storyteller, or maybe a disk jockey, then it’s your time for your voice to get heard. Try making your own podcast now! There are a lot of online course websites available where you can enroll. Someone will help you to create your own podcast.
But if you do not have enough budget to do such, you can create your own podcast by following a few simple steps, which this eBook will guide you through.