Jewellery will forever excite just like it has always done. Take the caveman adorned with ivory molars dangling from his neck or his mammoth tusk hanging from his waist.

It has taken millions of years for us to come to our senses and narrow down the amount of jewellery we wear today, but having said that, piercing of the body and wearing of jewellery is still very popular and is unlikely to change.

Arguably one of the most breath-taking things in the lives of women is jewellery. No one could possibly explain why women love jewellery so much, but no one can deny that this one passion has single handily made jewellery a big industry.

Precious metals most commonly used in jewellery making are gold, silver and platinum and gemstones are used to boost up the beauty of jewellery.

Today, jewellery has many occasions and parts to adorn your body, thanks to innovative and revolutionary design and manufacturing.

There are jewellery options for the whole body and many occasions, so the question really is: What and where you don’t want to wear it?

Jewellery is available for head to toes for occasions like marriage, dressing up for a special occasion or simply a night out, or simply for everyday decoration /feel-good use.

Jewellery can be piercing types or just wearable and the really big question remains: Where and how to buy jewellery?

This eBook will help answer that question.