While a career in property development is truly exciting, there are many questions that you should be asking yourself before embarking upon a career of real estate investment. The first and foremost question should be whether or not you are truly committed to making real estate work for you. This is not a business for the faint of heart, there will be many ups and downs along the way and you need commitment in order to make real estate work for you. 

When you are first starting out with investing in houses, you should always look for ugly but not bad houses
that will need a lot of work. These ugly houses will need some work, such as a good clean up, some minor maintenance work, painting and decorating, and new carpets. You don’t want to buy something to run down, that could cost a fortune to repair.

Once you have purchased and resold a few smaller homes, you’ll eventually be able to work your way up to the more run down and bigger homes, which is where the big profits come into play.

Still interested?   Great, This book will help to guide you along your way.