If you think that this rat race has come to an end, look to the evidence of stress-related
death and illness, an increase in the average number of hours worked by employees around the world, skyrocketing numbers of divorces and children in single-parent families. And not to mention those of us who are responsible for the care of aging parents.

In today’s chaotic world, it is a safe bet that you don’t have enough time for work, family
and friends. And, since your boss holds a tight rein on your paycheck, it is likely that your
family and friends are the ones that suffer.

This book explains how you need to understand that stress can affect your physical and
emotional health and over time, it can make you very sick. If you are not in a position
to change jobs or otherwise make a major change to relieve stress, you need to learn how to handle it
better. This book provides you with some simple techniques that you can use to help balance your life.