We are all born “free and equal” is a glorious truth in one sense, yet we are not all born equally rich, and we never shall be. But we are all born with equal opportunity.

The notion of economy is misunderstood by many, and people go through life without properly comprehending what the principle really is. One might say, “I have an income of so much, and here is my neighbour who has the same, yet every year they get ahead and I fall behind,
why is this? 

They think they know all about economy, but they do not. They are men who think that economy consists of saving pennies here and there, in cutting off two pence from the laundry’ bill and doing all sorts of little, mean, dirty things. Economy is not about meanness. The misfortune is that this person only applies their economy in only one direction. They think they are so wonderfully economical in saving a half-penny where they ought to have spent two pence, that they think they can afford to squander in other purchases.

The truth about economy is in always making your income exceed your expenditure. This but guides you in how you might achieve this.