In life, we all face things we enjoy, things we just put up with and the things we loathe. Focusing on things we enjoy does not usually present most of us with any problem, although we can still get distracted by events we would rather avoid. Focusing on things we just put up with just sort of happens as part of getting through
each day and generally, we only put in the minimum effort we can get away with, to keep
the daily routine going. Then there are the things we loathe and we all can find it very difficult to focus on those, and we look for ways to avoid them wherever possible.

This explores another way to look at this. Focusing on the things we enjoy will always be
easy for us, but we should be aware that we need to strive to make our lives 'better', not
necessarily 'easier.' To do this will involve focusing on doing things we just put up with
better, and on doing more of the things we loathe, on the premise that by focusing on and
completing those things, will be beneficial and improve our lives in the longer term.