This is not an eBook as such, being only a couple of pages, but a very valuable betting system strategy. The value is in the content and not the quantity (or lack) of pages.

Please note that the 14 day refund guarantee within the ebook is made by the original author and not us. However in the very unlikely event that you feel the need to claim a refund, then we will honour the refund, as we are the third party seller of the book under licence. Please contact us at 'Grey Mouse Publications' for any refund under the terms set out within the eBook.


IMPORTANT - Whilst the strategy is generally sound and works the vast majority of the time, nothing is 100% perfect. Very occasionally, the winner may not occur until after several losing bets. A GOLDEN RULE of gambling is 'not to chase a losing bet.' This means that the bet after a losing bet requires a greater stake to win and recover the previous losses. What defeats many gamblers is simply running out of capital to keep playing. It all comes down to your attitude to risk and financial ability to keep the stakes coming until the winner is achieved, which it ultimately will with this strategy. You have to manage your betting pot very carefully, do not get greedy or overconfident, start with small bets and build up your betting capital by, compounding your winnings and stakes, until you can take out your original investment. From that point on you are playing with the bookmaker's money, so zero risk to you.

Most days the winner will be achieved within 2 to 4 bets which is perfectly fine. Occasionally it may take up to 7 bets to get the winner, and very occasionally, it may take many more, these are just 'bad days' which are inevitable in life. It has not been seen to have two or more 'bad days' in a row. It is recommended that if you do not get the winner after 4 bets, stop and roll the bet onto the next day, when you continue the bet AND place another bet for that day's bet from scratch.